I learnt to use a camera before I learnt to ride a bike. My life is dedicated to telling stories. Knowing how to create a great shot with evocative lighting, how to move a camera and how to elicit moments of sincerity and emotion in front of that camera are all essential skills in film. The real art of cinema though, is knowing how best to bring these things together so that they are more than the sum of their parts. This is what I do. I live and breathe moving images.


I work in video production with my team of talented professionals on studio and location shoots for commercials, web, corporate, documentary and music video in France and the UK.


Having produced videos for some of the world’s leading brands in fashion (Givenchy), travel (Condé Nast), publishing (Random House), technology (Air Liquide), hospitality (Intercontinental Hotels) and music (LiveNation), and for TV channels in Europe, US & South America, and the Middle East, I craft films in a broad range of styles, from serious communications pieces to entertaining high energy videos.


As well as my commercial work, I continue to write and direct personal artistic projects. These projects feed my professional work, helping me approach each and every film with innovative ideas and a creative eye.


No stranger to working in adverse conditions with limited resources, as a one or two man crew I have shot and edited for documentaries, charities and corporate clients across Africa (Mali, Ghana, Uganda, Gabon, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar), in Russia, the Middle East, the US and throughout Europe. My work has facilitated and fostered my love of travel. 


I am fully equipped for shooting, with cameras, lights, sound & editing facilities. I work with a range of cameras including the Alexa, Red, Canon C200, C100, 5D, 7D and I still love working on 16mm and 35mm film.


Filmmaking isn't a solo artform... I'm fortunate to have a great crew of artists & technicians in Paris and London. (My French crew are all bilingual French/English)  All experts in their field, these people are not only talented creatives, passionate about film, but also an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Isarr is an Icelandic cinematographer based in Paris. Having learnt his trade at EICAR, he has gone on to forge a successful career as a director of photography, shooting everything from music video to television series and feature length fiction films. 

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Siham Bel



Siham is a Paris based producer and director who I work with regularly work with when there's too much work for just one person. She's a fantastic director, and uber-organised producer, knows the French system inside out, and is also an incredible AD and location scout.

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Magdalena Petrovic


Magdalena has over 15 years of professional experience in audiovisual production, medias and creative industries, working on a producer on documentaries, fiction, music videos and corporate film.   

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Pierre-Alain is a superhero of the VFX and motion graphics world. He does everything from my corporate graphics intros to jaw dropping special effects shots (He created the shark for out "Tiger" music video). He works in 3D and 2D with a massive range of skills and techniques...  

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Yann De Sousa

Producer/Director/Camera Op

Yann is a multi-talented producer, director and camera operator who specialises in television documentaries and corporate video, and as with the rest of my crew, he's a real pleasure to work with.

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A fantastic assistant director, and perfectly bilingual (she also works as a live interpreter for French radio). Perle has been AD on many of my music videos, as well as magnificently organising and managing the 100+ extras on my short "Trauma Industries".

Julien Chardon



The editor of my short films "Trauma Industries" and "Shelter", as well as the majority of my music videos. Julien is a freelance editor with years of experience working in French television, documentary and fiction. 

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Anne Fassin

Assistant Director

A talented, and perfectly bilingual assistant director working in fiction and corporate film. Anne was 1st AD on my short film, Trauma Industries, managing an on set cast and crew of over 140 people, we have since collaborated on many commercial and fiction shoots.

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Christophe d'Ornellas

Sound Engineer


My go-to guy for all that is audio... A talented sound engineer, with over 10 years of experience, Christophe studied audio for film at EICAR, and works in fiction, corporate film, commercials and documentary as a sound operator, boom operator, sound editor, sound mixer and sound designer. 

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Amelie Salomon

Hair & Make Up Artist


The first person I call for hair and make-up on any job. Amelie has been working professionally for the last 7 years in advertising, feature films and television. Amelie's work on my shorts and music videos has been nominated for several awards. She's an absolute joy to work with.

Eva is an Irish-French set decorator & builder, who has amazed me over and over again with her creativity and love for her work. Eva was responsible for the incredible transformation of the apartment in my film "Shelter". 

Renowned in the industry for his special effects, liquid & drinks photography, Ray's credits are too long to list, but I recommend taking a look at his site to see a little of his work. 

Operating from the old Burberry factory in Hackney, London, The Forge is a photographic production & post production company working in high-end advertising, fashion & editorial photography.