The Clown 

Feature / Series


The clown appears in some form in virtually every culture around the globe. An outcast, an idiot, a freak, an innocent, seen sometimes as merely an entertainer, but in many cultures as a sacred being, a source of wisdom, and a teacher to children and leaders alike. The clown’s language of physical comedy speaks to all, with a powerful message that lies hidden behind a veil of lightness and laughter...


Max, Marlowe et les Cuisses de Grenouille

Short (Fiction)

Prod: Local Films

A dark fairytale that cumulates in a twisted initiation ceremony:
Eight year old Marlowe would follow his brother Max to the ends of the earth. Marlowe is in love with his babysitter. He wants to marry her. Max is willing to help him, but only if Marlowe is willing to sacrifice his pet frog.




Le Grille-Pain de Mme Grenier

Short (Fiction)

Prod: Film Fabric


Mme Grenier is married to her toaster. It's a happy marriage, filled with great memories. But as the toaster doesn't talk much, Mme Grenier sometimes suffers a little loneliness. The day she loses her lover, she absolutely wants to commemorate his life. But who will help a 70 year old woman bury a kitchen appliance?




The Land of the Blind 

Feature (Fiction)


Daniel can't stand Gertrude, his mother's parrot. But the parrot is sick, and Daniel is going to have to go to the city. He's terrified. Everyone knows that the city is full of readers. What if he comes back a criminal? Or worse, what if he never comes back at all? 

A former foreign legion soldier finds out that the girl he was once married to has become a world famous movie star. When he tracks her down, their romance is reignited, but he discovers that Marlene is hiding a disturbing secret… 


Feature (Fiction)


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