The Moustache Brothers  

Feature Documentary 

“The child tells truth, the fool tells the truth, the clown tells the truth. The government, they don’t like that… ”

Shortly after the death of the leader of their troupe, a family of Burmese activist-comedians and dancers finds itself in conflict over whether to stay home safe our go out and protest again as they had before, in the lead up to the historic elections they had spent thirty years fighting to bring about.

This is a film that asks about the role of comedy and satire in political resistance. It is also the touching story of a family with a diverse group of personalities, looking back on their incredible past and trying to hold themselves together after the death of their charismatic star performer.

I met the Moustache Brothers while filming interviews for a broader documentary project about clowns and clown cultures around the world, called "It's a Funny World", see below. 

It's a Funny World 

Feature Documentary / Series

The clown appears in some form in virtually every culture around the globe. An outcast, an idiot, a freak, an innocent, seen sometimes as merely an entertainer, but in many cultures as a sacred being, a source of wisdom, and a teacher to children and leaders alike. The clown’s language of physical comedy speaks to all, with a powerful message that lies hidden behind a veil of lightness and laughter...